Tips to Keep Screen Printed Garments Looking Like New

Screen printed garments such as graphic tees are all the rage. Not only can you dress them up or down, but you can use them to showcase your personality. Regardless of whether you prefer abstract prints, slogans or artwork from your favorite shows or movies, screen printed garments do pose unique laundry challeneges. It can be difficult to keep them looking as fresh as the day you bought them. If you're struggling to keep your clothes looking like new, consider some of the recommendations below. 

Avoid harsh detergents and the hot water setting 
Nothing fades clothes or makes a screen print design crack and peel like using harsh detergents and hot water during the wash cycle. Stick to gentle, color safe detergents and fabric softeners such as Tide Plus Colorguard or Woolite. Likewise, make sure you're using the appropriate temperature. Unless you're washing all-white garments with no design or color elements, avoid the hot water setting and opt for cool or preferrably cold temperatures. Cold temperatures are best to preserve the fabric and the screen print design.
Add salt in the wash cycle
Consider this a secret weapon of laundry pros. Salt heps to prevent bright colors from bleeding onto lighter colors in the wash cycle. If you don't have color safe detergent, add a half a cup to a full cup of salt into the wash along with your regular detergent. 
Line dry screen printed garments 
Just like in the washing machine, hot air during the drying cycle can prematurely fade garments and ruin screen printed designs. You can use the tumble dry option on the lowest setting, but your best bet is to line dry your favorite screen printed clothing. Although it does take more time for these garments to dry, they'll maintain their fresh look and feel much longer than if you tossed them in the dryer.

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