Promotional Product Ideas for Nonprofits

Your nonprofit organization is your passion. It takes up all of your time and efforts and means the world to you. With so many different nonprofits out there and some having similar missions to yours, standing out is key. However, this is easier said than done. Creating a solid brand identity is a great place to start, and establishing continuity through team apparel is a great way to accomplish this. MacKellar Associates, Inc. is Michigan’s leading supplier of custom logo wear, and we’re able to create products to make your nonprofit stand out from the rest. Simply think up a logo, determine which merchandise you’ll need, the number of units and we’ll take it from there! Read on to learn about some of our custom promotional products. 

Take your nonprofit to the next level with:

  • T-Shirts – Create a sense of uniformity within your nonprofit by creating custom t-shirts for your team! 
  • Hats – Take your nonprofit offline by creating hats for your team to wear around the town.
  • Trade Show Merchandise – When taking your nonprofit on the road, bring along custom water bottles, pens, USB drives and more to leave an impression! 

Contact MacKellar Associates, Inc. today to learn more about creating custom apparel and accessories for your nonprofit!   

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